March 22, 2018

Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) Research

Latin Name: Leptospermum scoparium Family: Myrtaceae Manuka is in the same plant family as tea tree, but has a differing essential oil profile.  While there are many chemotypes of manuka, it is generally higher in sesquiterpenes than tea tree, and also contains the leptospermone constituent not typically found in tea […]
April 1, 2018

Hops (Humulus lupulus) Research

Latin Name: Humulus lupulus Family: Cannabinaceae Hops have been used to brew beer for over 1,000 years.  Native Americans believed in the herb to help with insomnia and pain of the teeth, ears, and joints.  Further, the bitter taste of hops has been used to stimulate digestion.  Modern research has […]
April 3, 2018


Acne results from blocked skin follicles, encouraging bacteria, and resulting in infection and pimples.  During puberty, hormonal changes result in increased sebum production that can cause the blocked pores.  Here are a few basic suggestions: Keep the face clean, but don’t over-wash. Don’t touch the face with unclean hands and spread […]
May 2, 2018

Aloe (Aloe barbadensis) Research

Latin Name: Aloe barbadensis Family: Lillaceae The leaves of an aloe plant contain a mucilaginous gel used topically to soothe burns and wounds, and can be taken internally to alleviate various digestive complaints such as constipation and irritable bowels.  Aloe is a laxative related to its aloin constituent.  It may also […]
May 6, 2018

Cedarwood Virginia (Juniperus virginiana) Research

Latin Name: Juniperus virginiana Family: Cupressaceae Virginia cedarwood has been used for cough, muscle pains, and as a bug repellent.  The tree’s essential oil has an earthy and calming aroma. RESEARCH The listings of research below represent a compilation of scientific articles found on the species, with a very brief overview description […]
May 7, 2018

Citronella (Cymbopogon nardus) Research

Latin Name: Cymbopogon nardus Family: Poaceae Citronella is most known for its insect repelling potential.  The herb can be planted in the yard to help keep the mosquitoes away, or the essential oil is used in sprays, candles and oils to repel bugs. RESEARCH The listings of research below represent a […]
May 14, 2018

Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) Research

Latin Name: Pelargonium graveolens Family: Geraniaceae The geranium plant has long been used for its insect repelling activities.  Flowers can be planted in the yard, and the essential oil is often seen as an ingredient in at home bug spray recipes. RESEARCH The listings of research below represent a compilation of scientific […]
May 21, 2018

Rosemary (Salvia rosmarinus) Research

Latin Name: Salvia rosmarinus or Rosmarinus officinalis (old botanical name) Family: Lamiaceae Rosemary has been a revered herb since ancient times.  It is a strong antiseptic, aids in cardiac health, boosts cognitive function, and more. RESEARCH The listings of research below represent a compilation of scientific articles found on the […]
May 25, 2018

Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) Research

Melaleuca alternifolia Family: Myrtaceae Tea Tree oil has long been used as a topical remedy for issues such as athlete’s foot, dandruff, cuts, acne, and insect bites. It may also be helpful against lice, more research is warranted.  Studies have shown it to be active against other insects and microbes […]