April 7, 2018


Many essential oils and herbs have shown repellent action against a variety of bugs and pests. Repellent Herb and Essential Oil Recipes Blog Articles RESEARCH The listings of research below represent a compilation of scientific articles found on the topic, with a very brief overview description of each article/study.  This […]
April 25, 2018

Vanillin / Vanillic Aldehyde

Vanillin is a phenol as found in vanilla. Phenols are potent chemicals with strong therapeutic actions, but safety concerns: overuse can be toxic to the liver or genotoxic.  Phenols can also be a skin and mucous membrane irritant. Links to Plants Containing Vanillin RESEARCH The listings of research below represent a […]
July 9, 2018

Herbs and Essential Oils that Repel Insects

In the middle of Summer, the biting bugs are out in full force, such as mosquitos, ticks, and fleas.  We want to repel such pests, not just because of the resulting itch, but also to steer clear of the potential diseases such as Malaria and Lyme Disease that they may […]
September 29, 2018

Solar Plexus Chakra Essential Oil Spray Recipe

Pictured: The Solar Plexus Chakra As the days get shorter, and the sun’s bright Summer rays lesson, this Solar Plexus Chakra Essential Oil Spray can provide a bright splash of warm aromatic pleasure to heat up a cool day.  “What is the solar plexus?” you ask.  First off, there are […]