April 19, 2018

Chamazulene / Azulene

Chamazulene is a sesquiterpene, derived from azulene, and found in German chamomile, giving it a blue color.  It is also found in wormwood, yarrow, tansy, cypress, and blue violet. Sesquiterpenes are less volatile than monoterpenes, but still prone to oxidation.  They have a strong odor.  If oxidized (exposed to air) they […]
April 24, 2018

Thujone / Alpha Thujone / Beta Thujone

Alpha-thujone is a ketone found in cedarleaf and sage.  Beta-thujone is a ketone found in mugwort, sage, hyssop, and tansy. Many ketones can be toxic internally and topically.  Some can be convulsant, toxic to the liver, or neurotoxic in high doses.  Do not overuse or use for prolonged periods of time. […]