Composting - image of a plate full of scraps for composting

Kitchen composting returns valuable nutrients back to the garden and reduces garbage.  Save organic vegetarian food scraps.  Make a compost that is exposed to microbes, food, air, and water so that the material can decompose into a rich fertilizer.  There are three types of ingredients needed for a good compost pile:

  1. Dry filler material such as wood chips or grass hay to help aerate.
  2. Nitrogen rich materials to encourage microbial growth such as coffee grounds, grass clippings, or fruit and vegetable waste.
  3. Hardy raw materials like leaves and plant trimmings to add bulk to the compost.


Set up a bin or buy a compost container.  Stir the ingredients a few times a week.  DO NOT add pet waste, meat, bones or other fats to a compost pile.  Do add water if it gets too dry.  Spread the finished compost over plant soil in the spring.

Composting - image of a flowering growing out of a composting pile