April 7, 2018


Some herbs can act as an immune stimulant, boosting immunity to help reduce cold, flu, and other afflictions. Some Immunity Boosting Recipes to Try Blog Articles RESEARCH The listings of research below represent a compilation of scientific articles found on the topic, with a very brief overview description of each […]
April 10, 2018

Boneset & Rosemary Immunity Syrup Recipe

This boneset & rosemary immunity syrup recipe is quick to make and may help reduce the common cold.  Research on the immunity boosting potential of boneset and rosemary are listed below. ​Boneset & Rosemary Immunity Syrup Recipe Ingredients 1 ounce of fresh boneset (1/2 ounce dried) 1 ounce of fresh […]
April 11, 2018

Elderberry Cobbler Recipe

Elderberries have a tart taste, and are a great ingredient for sweetened jellies, pies, and cobblers.  This Elderberry Cobbler Recipe tastes perfect with a slice of vanilla ice cream. By:  Kathy Sadowski, MS in Aromatherapy, Registered Aromatherapist, LMT, RYT Elderberry Cobbler Recipe Ingredients ​3 cups of fresh or frozen elderberries […]
April 12, 2018

Ginger Garlic Cold Busting Syrup

This ginger garlic cold busting syrup recipe may help fight off the bacteria and viruses during cold and flu season.  It also helps with a sore throat or cough. Ginger Garlic Cold Busting Syrup Ingredients 1/2 cup of fresh ginger, grated 1/2 cup of fresh peeled garlic cloves, minced 2 […]
April 12, 2018

Herbal Immunity Syrup

This immunity syrup recipe may help strengthen our body’s defense system against catchy infections and is especially helpful around cold or flu season, or when traveling.  Take when you feel a chance of illness because the people around you have caught something. Immunity Syrup Ingredients 8 cloves of garlic, sliced […]
May 14, 2018

Garlic (Allium sativum) Research

Latin Name: Allium sativum Family: Alliaceae Garlic is a stinky herb revered in cooking and also used as an antifungal, insecticidal, and immunity boosting herb.  While research has shown it is good for your blood, potentially reducing fat and sugar levels, there is no scientific evidence to prove it can […]